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Born from a merger between Nuxos, leading French software house since 2004, and leading software development companies based in South East Asia since 2005, EXTERNALIS is a leading software architecture advisory and development company for European Small Medium Businesses (SMBs).   

With offices in Hong Kong, in France and in California, EXTERNALIS brings leading technology solutions to industry software projects. 

Our Proficiency

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Digital transformation aims to reinvent strategy and puts digital technology at the heart of the company's core. With methodologies from MIT, EXTERNALIS advises and helps develop digital solutions which unleash growth potential. 


Choosing the right technology platform is critical to the long term success of your digital transformation and software solutions. With the right choices no need to rebuild your digital platforms every few years. 


Our strength lies in the ability to build and deploy complex Industry Specific Software Platforms. Our teams have built many including the leading EU digital book publishing marketplace, the leading EU photo exchange platform, the leading Asian residential platform, etc


Rather than follow the crowd, EXTERNALIS prefers to work with agile design thinking, continuous integration methodologies, short development cycles, precise documented software and adaptive application maintenance management. 



EXTERNALIS projects benefit from our team's world class competencies in the Go/Ruby on Rails languages and frameworks such as React / React Native (among others). Indeed our teams have been developing the Ruby on Rails ecosystem since 2005 .


A unique development architecture based on a platform "back-end" system built on micro-services and "front-end" built on the latest Web or Mobile Application Technologies (WMAT) enable rapid development and deployment at a lower cost. Our many micro-services enable considerable time saving on development and ensure a quality future proof platform. 


Jean Pierre Dumas

CEO Europe & Americas

Digital Transformation, IOT, US & Asia

Richard Piacentini

CEO Asia

Industry Specific Complex Platforms, Blockchain, Asia & Europe

Sukanya Khanmarktong

Project Lead Asia

Operations, Industry Specific Complex Platforms   

Patama Mokaves

BizDev Lead Americas

Business Development, Legaltech, Asia & Americas

Crispin Courtenay

Project Lead Americas

IA, Blockchain, Americas 

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