Areas of Excellence: Digital Transformation, IOT, Proptech, AI, FinTech & HR Tech

EXTERNALIS teams have been selected to work on some of leading platforms and iconic projects. From the first version of the Nabaztag (First Connected Home IOT device: a rabbit!) to an international teleprompter text management platform for the Japanese TV channel NHK, to the first ever building automation platform  in Asia, to the first steps of digital transformation for leading Luxembourg banks, to the first KPI platform for the French State (La Poste), and many more. Below are some examples. 


APPY.TOWN is the leading South East Asian property management platform for condos and residential apartment projects. APPY.TOWN is developed on a Ruby on Rails Micro-Service platform with clients on Android, iOS et React / React Native. 

APPY.TOWN enables to uniquely manage all the interactions and services needed by people living or working in a residential or commercial property. 

These services include communication (chat, messaging, voting, translation, ...), concierge services (reservation, service booking, package delivery), services (food delivery, restaurant booking, shopping, ...) and back office management (management reports, accounting, maintenance, etc). 

Digital Transformation:  IZIBOOK

IZIBOOK is the leading digital publishing B2B platform in Europe. Almost all leading European book publishers use Izibook for the management of their digital assets, their online catalogues, the ability to create an online shop within a few minutes, their online sales and their international development.

IZIBOOK key clients include: Hachette, Eyrolles, Éditions Leduc, Studyrama, Lavoisier, Lire, and many more...


EGOPRISM is a leading HR Teach platform in France. Used by most of the large multinationals EGOPRISM offers online digital personality, business and 360 degree reviews of senior management and offers directions for personal and professional growth. 

EGOPRISM is used by hundreds of thousands of corporate leaders, C Suite and senior management.  

Digital Transformation: STUDYRAMA

The STUDYRAMA Group helps over 4.5 million students annually with 160 student fairs and over 10 websites & mobile applications. As the leading provider of student services in Europe, STUDYRAMA helps students choose their university, find accomodation, study and get preferential treatment throughout their student life. 

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