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Our services to help boost the growth of start-ups


As a startup you need to build the right product from day one so as to quickly test and iterate. This service helps build the right product without wasting time on the common pitfalls of all software development.


As a startup with no access to a technical founder, choosing the right technology stack can be a daunting task. Mistakes here account for significant startup failure. Here, Externalis takes on the role of CTO, ensuring the right technology fit for today and tomorrow. 

Rapid POC Program

This program is a quick and very cost effective way to build a functional POC for demonstration to clients, partners and investors. This program for selected startups enables the complete build and deployment of a POC within approximately 30 days for 18,000 to 22,000 USD.  

Managed Services Backend / DevOps

Theses services help startups with internal development teams which may lack strong backend or devops capabilities. They help the startup focus on the frontend client-facing part of software development without worrying about the more advanced backend and devops development. 

Full Development 

For startups wanting to build a team very quickly. Externalis teams do everything from product definition, UI/UX, development, testing, deployment and maintenance. This ends up being much quicker and more cost effective than doing in house. 

Tech4Equity Program

This invitation only program enables high potential startups to receive free or "at cost" advisory and development work in exchange for equity in the start-up. Send us your deck if you want to apply. Many other benefits are available to selected startups!

Only for Start-Ups

Seed, Series A et Series B

Only startups with less than 10 million USD in funding may apply

Great Discounts

Selected startups receive benefits including 50% discount the first year, 40% the second year and 25% the third year*

*Excluding Rapid POC

Limited to 3 years

The programme is limited to 3 years except for those invited to the Tech4Equity program

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